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Core Lecture in Winter Term 2012/13

General Information
Instructors: Prof. Dr. Michael Backes
Juniorprof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer
Dr. Matteo Maffei
Teaching Assistants: Manuel Reinert
Malte Skoruppa
Fabian Bendun
Tutors: Iulia Bolosteanu ( )
David Pfaff ( )
Tim Ruffing ( )
Marie-Therese Walter ( )
Ilya Grishchenko ( )
Artem Perlov ( )
Muhammad Imran Khan ( )
Type: core lecture (9 credit points)
Lecture: We,Fr 12-14, HS 001, E2.2
Recitations: Group 1: Mo 10-12, SR U12, E1.1
Group 2: Mo 14-16, SR 014, E1.3
Group 3: Mo 16-18, SR 016, E1.3
Group 4: Tu 14-16, SR 015, E1.3
Group 5: Th 10-12, SR 014, E1.3
Group 6: Th 12-14, SR 107, E1.3
Group 7: Th 14-16, SR 015, E1.3
TA Office Hours:???
Course Material: Slides and papers suggested during the course
Language: English
Midterm exam 2012-11-30, 12:00-16:00, HS 001, E2.2
Final exam 2013-02-14 16:00-19:00, HS 001, E2.2
Re-exam (Seating plan) 2013-03-26 10:00-13:00, HS 001, E2.2
Registration L:admin, LSF HISPOS (required until 04.11.12)
For passing the course the following minimal amount of points is needed: Your final grade G is then calculated by
where H is the grade of your theoretical assignments, M the grade of your miderm exam, P the grade of your practical projects, F the grade of your final exam and B the grade of your backup exam.

In this course we discuss vulnerabilities and attacks. Most vulnerabilities have been fixed, still some attacks may cause harm. Do not try these at home or anyplace else.


The course comprises three practical projects and six theoretical exercise sheets. You can work in teams (which have to be fixed throughout the entire course) of up to two people. For the practical projects the first team that manages to solve a subtask and provides proof of that by e-mail receives additional bonus points for that subtask. Each team can get at most three such extra points. The status of each subtask will be displayed by an internal webpage.

The projects are going to be handed out at the end of the class and posted on the course web page roughly every 3 weeks (the precise dates are listed below). Sample solutions will be posted on an internal web page and discussed in the tutorials.

The theoretical assignments are going to be handed out every other week. The teams from the practical projects are allowed to work together, but every student has to submit an own solution of the exercise sheet.

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes can only be viewed from within Saarland University. Please use a VPN to connect.